Monday, November 9, 2009

November 8 - Day 8 of Boot Camp

Alrighty, officially one week in. Wow. It's been a little crazy so far, but not too bad. Happy that this is going better than expected. Especially the sweets. I expected that to be really hard. It's not easy watching other people have cookies or ice cream, but it's doable.

Exercise: Used the bike. I was working on my thesis all afternoon and didn't get anything in. At about 9:00 p.m., I realized I hadn't done anything. Grabbed the little bike and away I went and did 30 minutes. Not bad. I could have done something a little more challenging, but I kinda blew off the exercise until the last minute.

Water: After yesterday's water debacle I was determined to get all the water in. And I did! It took until midnight, but I got in 64 oz. of water. Phew!

Sweets: Nothing. And with being tempted with chocolate chip cookies. Not too bad. I will admit, at breakfast, I looked over the cookbook to see what dessert I can make come the 15th. I have decided on a chocolate layer cake. Oh yes, chocolate layer cake...for 2 points a serving! Go WW! Next Sunday (which is the 15th), I will photograph making the cake and post it, along with a review. It says it makes 12 servings, so it'll be nice to have cake for dessert each night and be on track.

Points: Well, again, idiot that I am, forgot to write something down and went over. I had tortilla chips with chili for dinner and forgot about them. And I do mean forgot because as I was writing down the chili and cheese I put on top of it, I knew there was something else, but couldn't think of it. So, I went blithfully along and had 3 more points than I should have. Guess that's the good thing about not eating all my flex points over the weekend. I have 15 left and easily afforded those extra 3 tortilla chip points. Phew!

9:00 p.m.: Ate right up to the 9:00 p.m. hour again. Ah well. At least I am stopping at 9:00 p.m.

Breakfast: Simple left over pancakes with light syrup = 5 points. It was quick and tasty. And kinda like splurging on breakfast since I usually only have cereal.

3 Fruits: Wow. I'm just realizing that I didn't get all my fruits in yesterday. I thought I had. :-( That's sad. I had grapes at lunch and a banana after dinner. Crap! I was doing so well too...

2 Vegetables: Well, I know I got this in. I had a cup of carrots at lunch and the chili for dinner, which had a serving of vegetables in. Man, sometimes it's hard to get in all the required boot camp rules.

Here's hoping to a better tomorrow. Though I will say, this is probably the best weekend I've had in a very long time when it comes to diet and exercise. So, while not perfect, it definitately put me on the right track.

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