Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November 9 - Day 9 of Boot Camp

I am realizing that having flex points available through the week may not be a good idea. In my previous boot-campless life, I did not have any flex points past Sat. night. I never counted them, I just didn't use them. I assumed I ate them all between Friday and Saturday, and ignored the whole concept of flex points. But, after this weekend of counting them and realizing I had an extra 15 flex points come Sunday, it's been easy to justify eating a little more than usual...because I have flex points available. This may be a problem...

Exercise: The weather was really nice today. Amazingly so for Nov. and just so out of the blue. I wanted to do something outside, but not run. I reserve running for Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. So, I determined I would walk my street. I know that sounds silly, but my street is one big hill. So, I walked to the top of the street, down to the bottom, and back to my house. It took my 23 minutes. Now I wasn't booking it, but it wasn't a stroll either. And the uphill was fine (until I woke up this morning and my butt HURT!). But 23 minutes is not 30, so I jumped on the Wii Fit and did 10 minutes of step and 10 minutes of balance exercises for a total of 43 minutes of exercise. It was a nice day.

Water: Got it all in.

Sweets: Nothing. This is easier than I thought, surprisingly enough.

Points: This is where my intro comes into play. We headed out to dinner last night to celebrate my MIL's birthday. I had dinner picked out (Cedar-Seared Salmon Pasta - 10 points for the whole dish) and a salad with light dressing. Well, I was fine until the salad came...with a breadstick. I adore bread and breadsticks. There is nothing I like better than sitting down to a meal and being handed a bread basket. And I caved. I ate the breadstick. And it took me over in points. And yes, while I have the flex points available to me, I feel like I am cheating. I am usually so good at being at my points for the day during the week that this being over thing is worrying me. I know it's the first week I tracked the flex points, so I need to give myself time to work out the kinks, but it still feels like cheating. I used 3 flex points yesteday.

9:00 p.m.: We were out until after 9:00 p.m., so this was easy to do. No food.

Breakfast: Toasted me an English muffin and topped it with peanut butter and jelly. It was yummy! That alone was 5 points! I also had coffee with a tad bit of light soy milk.

3 Fruits: Only one serving of fruit yesteday. The whole going out to dinner thing really threw me. I wanted to make sure I had enough points for that, but in doing so, I ran out of points for fruit. :-(

2 Vegetables: This was no problem. I had tomato soup for lunch and a salad for dinner. The salad was big enough that I'm sure that would have been my 2 vegetables by itself. That's the good thing about eating out, I can get a salad to help with my vegetables. Can't generally say the same for fruit.

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