Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fasting Update and Extended Boot Camp Day 1

Well, fasting went really, really well. It was strange since I thought I would be really hungry all day. I ran a bunch of errands and did the Wii, which worked out to be a good day. I didn't get hungry until about 6:30 p.m., not bad. Then it went away. I spent the night cleaning the house and decorating for Christmas, which kept my mind off not eating. I had a bunch of water, which helped. All in all, the fasting day worked.

Yesterday, I had a good day. The fasting day really did reset my mental outlook. I had a good breakfast of half a blueberry bagel with ICBINB and coffee. Lunch was leftover Freschetta pizza (which is one of THE BEST frozen pizzas, I swear!), and dinner was stir-fry veggies and tuna on a toasted flat-out bread and Sonoma Jack Garlic and Herb cheese spread with Krunchers Hawaiian Onion potato chips. If you see these Krunchers in your local grocery store, BUY THEM. They are delicious! A serving is 3 points and so worth it! I did not have enough points for my Hungry Girl pumpkin cupcake :-(, so I had Eggnoggin tea instead. Yum! And I did get my water in for the day, amazingly enough. Got out my large Lilo and Stitch cup (which I only need to fill twice to get in my water) and drank all my water. Yea!

I got in 45 minutes of exercise by walking around the next town over. I walked up a TON of hills. I swear out whole area is one big hill. LOL! The first half of the walk was really all down hill, but going back home was killer! I turned the corner to return home and I could feel my thigh muscles working because of the steep incline. Always good to know your walk in helping burn calories. It was a nice walk though and the weather was fabulous.

I easily got in my vegetables for the day with the stir-fry, but no fruits. The two slices of pizza were 10 points total, which killed my ability to do anything later in the day. Which kinda sucked, but I would rather not go over and get fruit in than eat the fruit and be over. Hopefully this was the right move. Oh, and since we ate dinner at 6:30 p.m. and I ran out of points at dinner, no eating at 9:00 p.m. was easy. LOL! Amazing what having no points at the end of the day does for you.

Onward and upward. Wednesday should be a good day.

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