Sunday, December 13, 2009

Jingle Bell 5k Update and Another New Start

Yesterday, hubby and I ran in the Jingle Bell 5k in Harrisburg, PA. It went really well. Temps were below 32 degrees, not sure what they were though. On the way home, the weather people said the temp was 33, so I know when we started it was colder. We both had great runs! The course was a loop, which was both good and bad. Good since once you looped back, you knew exactly where you were and how much further to go. Bad because when you hit the turn around point, you STILL had another loop to do. LOL! Especially if you're slow like me and the winners passed you before you HIT the turn around point. Ah well. Had a great run in fairly good weather, outside it being cold. The sun was out and the road was dry, which was very helpful. There were two pretty steep hills to overcome...twice. Hubby had a great run at 24 minutes and change! One of his very best. :-) I was about mile 2 when he finished. LOL! And the funny thing was, I knew it too. I hit the mile 2 marker and thought to myself, B should be finishing about now. :-) I finished later than him (obviously) at 38:30ish. This is a HUGE improvement for me over my last 5k. Last 5k was a 42 and change. :-) Must have been the colder temps. Up, that's it. But, it was a great time for me and I'm really happy to finish off my first year of racing with a sub-40 minute 5k. And for fun, hubby and I after the race with the Hershey Chocolate Bar:

And now onto starting over. Been having a rough couple of weeks with the holidays. Need to get back on tract, so I am re-focusing this week on the WW plan. Need to get my butt in gear. I won't loose anything this month, but I can limit the damage. So, back to the plan today. We're eating dinner out tonight, but I know where we're eating and know exactly what to have to stay on tract. The rest of the week, we should be good eating in. It WILL be a good week.


  1. YOU GUYS ROCK! Congrats on another great run! and totally cute pic! That should go on the Xmas card!

  2. Awww...thanks. :-) Would you believe it's a cell phone pic? LOL! Totally forgot to bring the camera, so B asked a lady to take it with his cell phone.