Friday, December 11, 2009

When I'm off the wagon, I don't post

Just so you know. While I try my darndest to stay healthy and eat right, the motivation has gone right out the window with the holidays. So many treats and such lying around. Oh, why do the holidays always do this to me. You'd think not going into an office everyday would make this not so big an issue. Nope. Just as bad. Ugh. I've revamped my goal for December to not gaining more than 5 pounds. Not happy with this at all, but I know things are on a downward slide. I need to change that, but I'm not sure I've started soon enough to stop it. Ugh.

Tomorrow I have the Jingle Bell 5k in Harrisburg. Picking up our packets tonight. I'm excited about it actually. I don't think I'm going to hit my goal of 42 minutes, but getting out there and running is most important. And I'll be wearing a Santa hat AND bells. I've been told the bells come with our packets. Yea! So, I'll make sure we take some photos and post them for you all to see. :-) I've been looking for a NYE/NY run around here, but nothing. :-( Guess I'll just have to run myself. Maybe I'll see if there is anyone around who would like to go for a run NYE morning. Maybe there is...

I just saw this from WW and thought I'd pass it on. If I can't be good myself, the least I can do is share tips you with all - 16 Holiday Tips


  1. December is turning out to be a bitch (for all of us!), isn't it?! But hey - at least you are running more than the 3 blocks I ran today! ;)
    PS - I hate commenting on this blog - makes me sign in, do some code thing - too much exercise for my fingers. You know me and exercise - can you change that??? PLEASE???

  2. Yea, December is turning into a bitch. Sucks. :-(

    Nothing I can do about that, I don't think. I have to do the same thing on yours. *shrugs* I have to put my name and email address everytime. I have NO idea how to change that. Sucks.

  3. do you have to do that code to comment on my blog too? i think you can change that in the settings...

  4. Carrie, I don't think so, but I'm not sure. I'll have to check the settings though. Thanks for the tip!