Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up and Breaking in the Garmin

The weekend was ok.  I tried mightily to stay on track Friday night when we went out to Elephant and Castle for dinner.  I knew what I was going to have for dinner - Tortellini Salad.  So good!  We also ordered an appetizer of soft pretzels and mustard.  There were three pretzels and three people, so one each.  Not bad.  But, then the others ordered dessert and I couldn't resist.  I had the yummy bread pudding, but only half.  I did have three beers...told ya it wasn't a great night.

Sat. went well.  I tracked everything and purposely knew I went over in points.  I made sure my meals early in the day would allow me two slices of pizza for dinner.  After dinner I had a beer and some toffee nuts for dessert.  It was yummy!  And only over by 6, which was fine by me.  I still have flex points left for the week, so I guess I'm doing ok.

Sunday was fine.  On points.  The only issue was I didn't exercise.  Sunday is Wii Fit day, but we spent the day taking down the Christmas decorations and I ran out of time.  By the time I had the time, I was pooped!  It's always so sad taking down all the decorations.  :-(  But, they are down and almost completely put away now - just a few more boxes to the basement.  Ugh.

Now, onto the fun stuff!  Tuesday is running day though I haven't had great luck lately getting outside to run.  But, the weather is good today and I had the new Garmin, which I was DYING to try and off I went!  Went to a neighborhood nearby that has sidewalks.  I have no sidewalks at my house, so I drove about 5 minutes to the neighborhood, parked the car and headed out.  It was still chilly and I realized I should have worn gloves.  Remember this!  Started running and found out something I didn't realize, the neighborhood was HILLY!  I had no idea.  But, I ran the whole time, up all the hills and down.  It was great!  I was really excited about that and I only ran 3 minutes slower than my 5k in December.  Not bad.  :-)  The Garmin worked well.  It fastened to my wrist, so it was easy to read as I ran.  It beeped when I hit one mile, which was good.  I need to look into having it beep at either the half mile or mile mark.  I lucked out and looked down when I hit 2 miles, but it would have been nice if it just beeped.  But overall, really liked it.  Next run, Thursday!


  1. Yeah - January is starting out to be great!

  2. So far! Hoping for a loss tomorrow!