Thursday, January 14, 2010

Amazing Running Week

Today was day 2 of running with the Garmin outside.  I better prepared myself today though.  I wore my cold weather shirt hubby got me for Christmas, as well as my new running gloves (also a gift from hubby).  I always fear that I'll be cold, so I wore a jacket over the running shirt.  Apparently, I didn't need that.  LOL!  Ah well, live and learn, right?

Parked at the same spot as Tuesday, got out and headed off.  I ran a little slower than Tuesday, but that's ok.  I took the same route, but the way the neighborhood is, I could have varied it up a bit.  It's good to know though.  Tuesday, I took a small half block walking break before running again.  I hit the 2.5 mile mark and stopped since that was my goal for the day.  I was a tad bit far from the car at that point, so when I got to the end of the block, I decided to see if I could run back to the car.  I did and hence Tuesday's 3.12 mile run. 

Well, today I am proud to say I ran the WHOLE time, no walks.  Made it up the hill that KILLED on Tuesday and kept going.  I was aiming for 3.5 miles, which is actually Sat.'s run goal, but I figured 3 on Tuesday wasn't so bad, I could aim for 3.5.  Well, I hit it and then some!  I ended up with 4 miles, all under an hour.  I know to most people that's really slow, and it is, but I was happy with it.  Especially since this means I'm WAY ahead of my running schedule!  Woohoo!  I think Sat. I'll stick to a 4 mile run and then up the mileage next week.  Not too shabby for not having run much in the last several months.

Tomorrow is weigh-in.  Wish me luck.  I am positive I've lost, just not sure how much.


  1. You GO Girl! You are my exercise inspiration - though I must admit I still haven't felt well enough to try my new Xmas exercise gear yet.

  2. Thanks guys! It's so good to have praise and encouragement. It's been lacking in my life lately. You ladies ROCK!