Friday, January 15, 2010

First Weigh-in of 2010

Today's weigh-in went WAY better than I thought it would.  I have been getting the EXACT same weight on my home scale for three days - a loss of 1.5 pounds.  So, I while I anticipated a loss this week, I wasn't expecting anything to write home about...though I would write it on the blog.  LOL!

But low and behold, I got on the scale today and was down 2.8 pounds!!  Woohoo!  I was hoping for 3 pounds, then when I couldn't seem to get past that stupid 1.5, I thought haha!  I'll take 2.8 and be happy.  Well, let me tell you, I was right!  I am really happy with 2.8 pounds.  That's just about half of what I gained in December.  I need to lose 3.2 pounds to get back to where I was at the beginning of December, before the holidays kicked into full force and I just let loose.  And you know what, I'm aiming for the end of the month.  I don't think I can do another huge week next week, so if I can get that 3.2 off by the end of the month, that will be great! 

I'm pretty happy about this week's loss and I'm betting it has a lot to do with getting my butt up and exercising again.  Looking forward to a good running week next week and some good Wii Active workouts.  :-)

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