Sunday, January 17, 2010


Food took center stage this weekend, for better or worse, not sure.  Friday night we tried several restaurants before we finally found one that didn't have a line out the door.  We headed to Chili's first, but we could see people in the entry way...not the lobby, but in the area between the two front doors.  We nixed that.  Then we headed to Texas Roadhouse and there were at least 20 people OUTSIDE the restaurant, so we passed.  Finally, we got to Charlie Brown's and stopped.  The wait was 20 minutes, but we hung at the bar and it seemed WAY less.  Woohoo!  Had a really yummy, relaxing dinner in a fantastic wrap around booth.  We had the salad bar, which is always fun.  I had a cheese veggie burger and fries for dinner, hubby had the cheese burger with fries.  Then we had dessert.  I had a yummy pineapple upside down cake and hubby had a 6-layer chocolate cake, which he took half home.  LOL!  It was just a lovely dinner.

Sat. night we invited friends over for Caribbean Night.  January is always blah and boring here in the Mid-Atlantic, so we decided to bring some of the Caribbean's bright colors and tasty flavors.  We started with Planter's Punch from Jamaica, which turned out really well.  So yummy!  Dinner was jerk turkey with pineapple salsa and bananas with a rum-brown sugar glaze.  Oh it was delicious!  I love jerk turkey and with the pineapple salsa, it was just so tasty!  The bananas with rum-brown sugar glaze turned out so well, thanks to the efforts of my hubby.  Dinner was so tasty.  Dinner was a home made Island Rum Cake.  We have rum cake from Jamaica that we anticipated using for dessert, but it has walnuts in it and our one guest is allergic to nuts.  So, back to the drawing board and I found the Island Rum Cake recipe...without nuts.  It was so easy and oh my, so tasty!  We had that with Reddi-Whip and crushed pineapple.  Oh heaven.  It was incredible and I'm trying to think of when I can make it again.  LOL!  All in all Caribbean Night was a success, both in terms of good friends and good food. 

Today is a day of making up for all the good food this weekend.  Not sure what's for dinner, but it will be light and vegetable-based.  LOL!  But, sometimes you just have to try new things and enjoy them.  And enjoy we did.  Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Caribbean Night sounded YUMMY!

  2. It was yummy! B said to me Sunday night, what's our next themed dinner party? LOL!