Friday, February 26, 2010


If you know anything about the mid-Atlantic/Northeast this year, you know we've been hit with a TON of snow.  Today is no exception.  LOL!  Well, we lucked out this time and maybe got 3".  Thank heavens!  It's just been k-RAY-z with snow this year.  Unfortunately, the snow meant I did not go to weigh-in this morning.  I will go tomorrow morning and stand in the big line of Saturday morning peeps.  I am anticipating a loss.  Fingers crossed I'm right!

Did I mention I know NOTHING about web design?  It's become obvious the more I try and play with my web page.  This is going to be a long process.

Applied for another job this week.  A Grant Coordinator for the local YMCA.  See if I hear anything about it.  I also have a museum job I'm applying for.  Have to revamp the resume for that one though.  It would be AWESOME!!!

Have been good with the exercising this week.  Did the WATP DVD yesterday.  Then, we helped friends move, so I was lifting boxes and taking them to the basement.  Not hours of extra work, but probably 30-40 minutes of it.  Today, the shovel and I were friends for about 45 minutes.  While I can call it a day with that, I think I'll do a little Wii Fit tonight.  Can't hurt to add a little more in, right?

And time for education!  Another article at!  More Black History Month Finds

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