Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Moving forward

One of this year's goals is to start my own photography business.  I spent a good deal of January doing "research."  I read books, blogs, took an on-line course all in the guise of starting a business.  In reality, it was busy work.  It was for me to say I started preparing to start a business without committing to anything.

Well, I realized that Feb. 1st came around and in reality, I have done nothing to get this thing going.  Sure, I got some great sites to use for various phases of my business.  Sure, I got some tips on my camera skills from the on-line class.  Sure, I know some more about the business end than I did.  The problem was, I HADN'T DONE ANYTHING.  So, last night I plunged ahead.  I contracted with a graphic designed to design a logo for me.  She will do a logo, letterhead, business card and envelope with me obtaining the rights to the images.  It may seem like a little thing, but I had to SPEND money to do that.  It was my first REAL step to starting my business.  I'm not just TALKING about it, I'm DOING something about it. 

So, I received a questionnaire in my email this morning asking me about my businesses and preferences.  In the next 3-6 business days I should see some rough drafts.  Then I get to pick the one I like, tailor it a tad if need be, and I will have my very own, brand-spanking new logo.  Big scary step, but one that had to be done. 

Shortly there will be a logo.  Shortly, I will have business cards and letterhead and envelopes.  Wow.  I'm really doing this.  I'm really starting my own business.  Wow. 


  1. How wonderful! Can't wait to see the official logo!

  2. Me either! LOL! Hopefully soon. Fingers crossed.