Thursday, February 4, 2010

Check out my new job!

I can't remember if I posted my first article on or not.  Shame on me if I didn't.  Anyway, I'm the Harrisburg History Examiner for, a website that gives local people or visitors, an expert view of the city they live in or are visiting.

For black history month, I wrote an article on a gentleman I read about in a book one of professors wrote.  I just loved his story, so I wrote my short article about him, because you know what?  To get in the history books or for people to think they make a difference, everyone assumes you have to do something BIG.  Well, this gentleman didn't.  He influenced his area of Harrisburg and made his neighborhood a better place.  Does anyone outside the city (besides family and friends) know about him?  Probably not.  But, to his neighbors, he made their little corner of the world better and that's something we can all celebrate!

Harrisburg Mural Artist

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