Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's Over and I'm Free

Yes, I officially quit the temp position.  It felt so good when I hung up the phone.  I chatted with the temp lady for about 30 minutes as she asked why.  I could have gone on longer, but why bore her?  So, it's done and I feel lighter than I have in months.  Yes, I have no income right now, but there are some things worth more than money.  So, I will concentrate the next two weeks on getting the house together and us ready for vacation!  Yippee!

I have also decided I will go back to running...Monday.  We were supposed to leave for Philly at 9:30 a.m. today, but B got behind and I'm waiting on him, so no running today.  And tomorrow we're in Philly for hubby to run the Broad Street Run, which is a 10 mile race down, you guessed it, Broad Street in Philadelphia.  So, that leaves Monday as my first conceivable running date.  I'm not anticipating a great run.  Just a run.  I'm going to be happy for a run between 2-3 miles.  If I can do that, then I'm doing ok. 

Recently, I've had a couple people tell me I should run a half.  ROFLOL!  It's in the back of my mind to do one, but I haven't made up my mind.  If so, I was thinking the Princess Half Marathon in Disney.  A friend suggested the Harrisburg Half in September.  I think I need more time to psych myself up for it.  LOL!  We shall see...

Now that I'm working anymore, I should have more time to update you on my boring comings and goings.  :-)  Thanks for sticking around with me!  You rock!


  1. Yeah - I love reading about your comings and goings.

    If you do the princess half, I am SO expecting you to go in a tiara!!! LOL!

  2. I would have to do a tiara, right? Though how it would stay on my head while running is beyond me! But, I'm sure I could get it to work...somehow...