Thursday, April 29, 2010

Time for an update

As my friend Carrie so graciously said it, it's time for an update.  It's not a good one, but it's an update.

I have decided that this temp job is not worth my health.  Yes, I say health.  For the last week or two, I have felt sick at the office.  I have not wanted to eat and even when I get home, I eat lightly.  On weekends I've been fine and had no problems, but when I hit the door, I barely want to eat.  Which is probably the clue I should head and am.  I am quitting the temp job tomorrow afternoon.  On my way home from work, I am calling the temp agency and telling them I'm done.  It is 8 days earlier than I planned on it, but it'll be well worth my sanity.

The running hasn't happened since my last post.  Last Wednesday, as I was leaving an event for work, I tripped on the sidewalk and went down...on my tail bone.  To the point that I could barely walk without pain.  Thursday, I ran literally three feet to answer the phone and was in pain.  Friday, I ran about 15 feet and again, pain.  I have not run because it has not gone well.  I believe next week will be good for running again.  I'm going to go out, but not sure where.  Obviously, it won't be as easy to go on Front Street again since I'm not going to be working in Hburg anymore.  Ah well...

I'm hoping to get the photography thing back on track.  The temp job just really messed that up and it hasn't happened.  That will be a priority next week.  Along with writing an article on baseball in New Jersey (which is a paid gig!).  It's due before we leave for vacation and umm...I haven't started.  Kinda freaking out about this.  Good thing I have time next week now.  And of course, I will be working on getting us ready for vacation.  Can't wait!  It's weird how we've been thinking/planning this vacation for over 2 years and now it's less than 2 weeks away.  Crazy!

Hopefully, now that I'm not as stressed by the job I'll be around more often.  Thanks for the push Carrie.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your fall, but glad to hear that you are taking control and telling that horrible job to F off. Good for you. Feel better soon...I know you will with that vacation coming up!