Tuesday, June 8, 2010


What an interesting number you might be thinking.  It's not exactly even, but not that far off.  It could be anything, really.  It could be how fast I run, it could be how far I ran, it could be the number of books I read in May, it could be any number of things.  In reality, it's the number of pounds I gained from March 5 through June 3.  Sucks, huh?

I thought about it and in one sense, 3 pounds a month with a 2-week European vacation thrown in there doesn't make that sound all that bad.  But, that also means that if I kept going at that rate, I would have regained all the weight I lost over the last year by November.  And that would SUCK. 

So, I went back to WW on Friday to get back on track.  I weighed in and really wasn't too surprised at the number on the scale.  Well, I was a tad.  I thought it would be higher.  So, I suppose that's a happy surprise.  And I had a goal of loosing 4-5 of that by this Friday.  And then the weekend came.  And I know that goal isn't going to happen.  I am still anticipating a loss, but not as large a one as I initially thought.  The weekend was more brutal than I thought it would be.  But, I'm still trying and I'm going to have a loss, even if it's that .2 pounds up there.

So, I'm back on the WW wagon.  Not going gang busters, but I'm back and hopefully will get into the swing of things over the next few weeks and will see the scale move down...and down...and down...


  1. Thanks friend! I think it will slow going, but slow is safe. And even if slow is, well slow, it will come off. I just have to have faith that I can do this.