Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Catching Up

Guess I should get back here more often. The 5k on Sat. went ok. It was HOT. And I mean it in capital letters. It seemed so nice when we left the house to ride up to Harrisburg that I thought it might be ok. And it was...until about half a mile in. Then it got HOT and stayed that way. There were two really steep hills, which were killer. I am very proud that I ran up them both. :-) The second one was rough, but I did it. I almost didn't, but I pushed myself. I have yet to walk during a 5k and I wasn't about to let this be the first. I finished at 42:03, which was slightly disappointing. I had hoped for under 40:00, but it was a tad faster than my last race in March. The St. Patrick's Day 5k was 42:09, so 6 seconds is something to be proud of...I suppose.

I also framed my photo for the photo exhibit. Check out the photo blog to see how it came out and next steps.

This weekend is my challenge. I have myself scheduled for two 5ks. Yes, you read that right, two 5ks. My hubby and I are running the Gettysburg Spirit of the Run 5k on Sat. and I am once again running the Baltimore Women's Classic 5k on Sunday. I am insane and will die Sunday afternoon, but it's a challenge I put before myself months ago and now have to see through. Wish me luck!

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  1. You are insane! But you are my exercise HERO! Good luck on all of your races!