Friday, August 27, 2010


I love Fridays.  Always have.  Guess it's the last day of school for the week, then the last day of work for the week and at times the last day of BOTH school and work for the week.  :-)  Even without having a job, I love Fridays.

This Friday was ok.  Yesterday, I officially canceled my WW membership.  I still haven't found a job, so I'm basically at the end of what I had saved up.  So, I canceled my membership.  Sucks.  I've been working hard to stay on plan and exercise.  This week, I stayed the same as last.  This isn't horrible considering I lost 5.4 last week.  Hopefully, that means things have evened out and I can get back to loosing this week.  My birthday is in 6 weeks.  I would LOVE to be down 10 pounds by then.  It's feasible....

I did really well exercising this week.  Exercised every day except Sunday.  Not bad at all.  I think the exercising (as much as I hate to admit this) makes a big difference on the scale.  So, I'm going to keep exercising and hopefully that will make the numbers go down.  Hubby and I decided on our 5ks for Sept. - The Fort McHenry Tunnel Run and possibly the Springettesbury 5k.  Those should help keep me moving.

In professional news, I determined my pricing for my photography.  This is something I've been avoiding for weeks and I finally figured it out.  Phew!  I have to get some info on the blog about it and do my pricing sheets.  I'm feeling a lot more confident about being ready to go next week!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  Mine will be!


  1. That's great about the photography pricing. Can't wait to see all of the info. Are you willing to do parties in NJ?????????

  2. Yup! :-) I haven't gotten there yet, but since my cell number is a Jersey one I thought I could open the door to PA and NJ photography. Obviously, I have to work out the deets on that, but I think it's doable. :-)