Sunday, September 12, 2010


is about all I got to say with how things went with this week's weigh-in.  Up more than I would like to admit.  I got a little disheartened after last week's slight gain and it just went down hill quickly.  So, those 8 pounds I wanted gone by Oct. 9?  Yea, I have a feeling most of them will still be around.  Darn it.

Yesterday was my first photo gig.  Non-paying, but it was for the local fire company's 1st Annual Firefighter 5k.  I did their photos for the event - 4.5 hours.  Long morning, but I'm excited I did it.  It was my first real photo gig.  I will spend the week editing photos!  Which is fine with me!

Tomorrow is my interview with the library.  Still have a few things to do for that - iron suit, print resumes, print references, print directions...guess I had more than I thought left to do!  LOL!  It's ok.  It will get done.  Wish me luck though!  I sure could use it.

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