Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Well, Friday did not start off well.  After 2 weeks of staying the same, I was up .6 pounds.  Ugh.  Not happy at all about that.  I didn't think I did all that bad last week, but I guess I did worse than I thought.  :-(

Saturday, got myself up and went for a run.  The weather this weekend in my neck of the woods was sooo much cooler than it's been that I had to take advantage of it.  So, I went out and aimed for a 2, maybe 3 mile run.  I felt good and my shoes, while old, were good too.  I got around the 2.55 mile mark and decided unless I was about to keel over I would aim for 4 miles.  I was so excited when I made that goal.  It felt good to do it, even if I was slow as molasses.  LOL! 

After wards, we hit Lake Mean with a friend for some afternoon boating.  Had a blast and if you want to see some photos of the afternoon, check out the photo blog.  I put some up there.

Sunday...oh my poor body.  I was SORE.  Apparently, having not really run in two months does not prepare one for a 4 mile run.  So, I hurt.  I did use my little bike and did an hour on that to keep doing something.  I also hoped it might loosen up some muscles that were ready to kill me for treating them so poorly the day before.  It helped a little...but I think my body wasn't in a forgiving mood.

Monday, I got up and went for another run.  It was warmer than Saturday, but nicer than it's been all summer, so I went.  Aimed for nothing more than 2 miles.  I figured my body was starting to forgive, I didn't want to make it angry again.  ;-)  Got a nice two miles in, even if I didn't set any land-speed records.  Then, hubby and I headed to MD to get me a new pair of running shoes.  It was an hour there and an hour home, for a 10 minute shoe visit.  Ah well.  The shoes FIT and that's what matters.  I'm planning on taking them out for spin this week and possibly going for a 4.5 mile run this weekend.  Gotta start getting in running form for the Baltimore Marathon Relay...it's coming up fast!

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