Wednesday, October 13, 2010

6 Miles and 5 Miles

Training is going well for the Baltimore Marathon Relay.  This past Saturday I ran 6 miles.  Which is impressive considering it was my birthday.  My cousin asked why I ran so far on my birthday and honestly, I thought the same thing myself.  LOL!  But, I went to the park I used to run at and ran 6 miles.  I was impressed with myself.  I will say though that the park was so much easier to run around when I only did 1-2 miles.  After about 3 miles, it gets kinda boring.  I tried breaking it up by running in areas I hadn't before, which did help.  I found it amusing at the end when I ran my 6 miles in 1:25:24 when the Thursday before I ran 5.5 miles in 1:24:30.  Apparently, the neighborhood I run in has WAY more hills than the park.

Today, I went out for the last run before the Baltimore Marathon Relay.  My running guru told me to run 5-6 miles today.  I opted for 5 miles.  It went well and I was impressed with myself.  I got up today and had no desire to run at all.  I kept thinking I would stop at 4 miles.  But, I got to mile 4 and decided one more mile would be ok.  And it was.  I made it to 5 miles.  I was impressed that having NO desire to run at all today that I got my 5 miles in.

Come Saturday, I have to run 7 miles.  This will be the first time I will run a race without having run the distance before.  But, for the first time since I started running, I feel like I can do that last mile.  I can run 7 miles without having done it before.  At least I'm hoping I can!  I want to run the whole distance and truly EARN that medal!  Just a few more days...

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