Monday, May 28, 2012

The heat is here.   No lie.  The temperatures in the Mid-Atlantic have risen above my comfort level.  I do not like the heat.  Never have.  I've always been an air-conditioning kinda gal in the summer.  Strange that the best job I had before college was a camp counselor for four years.  LOL!

I hate running in the heat.  I really do.  Bring on the cold weather.  Bring on the cold gear, gloves, hats, scarves, and jackets.  But, it's summer now and those are now packed away waiting for the fall/winter. 

I have to get over the heat and get out on the roads.  Seriously.  I have to get over my hate of the heat and run.  I have several races planned out for the summer - three to be exact, well four if you count September.  The Baltimore Women's Classic (June 24th), the Sunset Stretch 5k (July 28th), and the Harrisburg Senators Family Fun Run 5k (August 11th).  Oh and if we're counting September the Sasquatch Trail Run (September 15th).

I must acknowledge that my eight PR streak is going to end.  I do not run well in the summer.  I run much slower than usual.  But, I will run.  I will get my butt out on the roads and get the miles in.  They will be slow miles, but they will count.  Slow miles are still miles.

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