Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Goodbye Shane and Hunter

The Phils (Philadelphia Phillies) have been playing awful this year.  They remind me of the teams of old...or is it easier to exclude the following years: 1980, 1993, 2005-2011?  The rest...awful.

Because of this, the team has dumped players.  Players I like.  Players I think were just fabulous guys both on and off the field.

Shane Victorino, or as he is affectionately called, The Flyin' Hawaiian was traded to the Dodgers.  :-(  My favorite memory of Shane is during the 2008 play-offs.  I was sitting in class and upset that I was missing the game, but I had missed a few too many classes to skip.  So, I had my cell phone open to Game Cast and angled it behind a couple books.  I looked down and saw he was at the plate with the bases loaded.  I pay attention to class for a minute, then look again.  Now it's bases cleared and we're up by four!  Shane hit a grand slam!  How I didn't yell is beyond me.  I was freaking out on the inside.  LOL!

Hunter Pence is the other Phillie who was traded today.  He went to the Giants.  He is having a terrible season, I'll admit it, but he's just so fun to watch!  He has a weird stance, a weird run, a weird...well...everything!  He's goofy, fun, and goes out there like he's just a little kid.  He just loves to play.  And that's the type of player I like to root for.  And now he's gone.

I get that baseball is a business.  I know that if you don't perform, your head is on the block come the trade deadline, but I hate when my favorite players are traded.  I don't know how much these trades will help the Phillies.  I think they are too far out of it for any of this to make a difference.  It's just going to make the last few months of baseball sad.

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  1. They are clearing salary for a big Wiggy deal. 10 years $220 million-ish probably.