Thursday, July 19, 2012

Post- Spartan Sprint

After the race, I took stock of how the body responded to the race.  Overall, I was feeling good.  Legs weren't too bad, the arms weren't too wobbly.  Though, as time moved forward I found all sorts of interesting injuries.

The biggest one occurred on this obstacle

You might remember I slipped on this incline and cut my finger.  I somehow ran it down the rope as I slid down.  I've tried to remember how it happened, but I guess the brain was too concerned with not falling off the wall than knowing how I injured myself.  Isn't it pretty?

Sorry, some of the band aid put on at the med tent wouldn't come off

That sucker hurts!  It is totally swollen and painful.  I'm just letting it do it's thing, but you'd think by now that the swelling would have gone down...
But wait!  That's not all.  I have some nice bruises and scrapes on my elbows and knees.  I also have some bruises in places that I'm not photographing.  

 My left elbow took a beating! And apparently, I use my forearm all the time to open the driver's side door when I drive.  Can I tell you how painful that has been this week?

Right arm. Not as bad.  More scrapes than bruising on this arm.  Not the most pleasant, but it hasn't really bugged me too much.

Left knee.  It isn't too bad, but the bruising above the knee cap is worse than the knee cap itself.  It hasn't been too bad.  And it's been healing quickly.  Happy about that.

Right knee.  More bruising and scrapes than the left.  Odd.  The purple mark in the middle of the knee is not from Spartan Race.  I've had that scar since high school.  LOL!  

What I'm thrilled about is that the race didn't bother my back.  Phew!  I was a little nervous about that, especially at the slip and slide.  But, I managed the whole race without aggravating it.  That's a win right there!  

Hopefully the random assortment of injuries I've acquired heal quickly.  Though, I really just want the darn finger to heal.  It HURTS!

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