Sunday, August 5, 2012

Still out of commission

Ugh.  I am still not back up and at it.  I felt awful on Thursday and stayed home at work.  Friday I went in because I felt much better, but not great.  I went to fencing at night not thinking I would do anything and then ended up bouting.  I lost both of my bouts.  :-(  One to hubby and one to a 10 year old.  As much as I know it's because I wasn't feeling well, it still sucked.

Saturday we were supposed to go boating with our friend, but I wasn't certain about being out in the water on a boat without bathrooms.  So, we skipped.  I also skipped my 4 mile run.  Ugh.

I'm feeling better today, but still not 100%.  I thought by now I would be good.  I mean it's not like this is some over the top sickness.  It's more like a lingering annoying one.  And while I know missing some training runs early on isn't going to set me back too much, I am starting to get nervous.

Hoping to get out there tomorrow for that 4 mile run.  Here's to next week being healthier!

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