Wednesday, September 19, 2012

2012 York Fair

Saturday afternoon hubby and I headed over to the York Fair, America's Oldest Fair.  It really is.  There has been some version of it happening since 1765. Not too shabby. We have gone the last few years because it's something to do, it's great people watching, and there are some interesting foods.

This year we headed over to see what was new and exciting, as you can tell from above the organizers wanted to change things up a bit to get more people in the door.  It worked, as this year's fair was the best attended with over 600,000 people.  Saturday had the highest attendance of the whole 10 days with over 91,000.  We went on a popular day.

It was a good time.  The best part of the fair for us had to be the exotic animal petting zoo, which was new this year.  We enjoyed seeing all the animals, but we literally stood there for 10-15 minutes watching two lemurs fight.  As hubby said "Lemur fight!"  It was so fun watching them bound all over the enclosure, jumping from hanging rods to the fencing to the floor.  One lemur was just a tad too small to actually jump from the floor to the lowest rod, so this one fell quite a few times.  What made it fun was they just chased each other constantly around the enclosure, pouncing on one another and rolling around.  It was so fun!

 Giraffe!  So cute.

 I thought this was funny.  And they weren't lying!  Anytime someone with a cup walked by, the camel would try to get its head in it!


 I'm not sure what this is.  We just thought the hair cut was fun.

 Beautiful!  They basically ignored us.

 Just as I tried to take his photo, he turned his face.

 His back was to me the whole time.  But it is a gorgeous one, so I wasn't offended.

 There's an area that has stalls with "As seen on tv" stuff and home party stuff.  There was a little shop with purses.  I saw this one and it reminded me of a teapot.  The owner gave me a funny look...

 Butter sculpture.  They do one at the Farm Show in January, but this is new for the York Fair.

 The other side of the butter sculpture.

 We like the interesting food at the fair.  It's nothing what you'll see in TX, but some stuff is fun.  Hubby loves the fried mushrooms with Ranch.

Personally, I'm all about the funnel cake.  I get one a year and it is now always at the York Fair.  They have pumpkin funnel cake with glaze.  Drool...

We had a good time at the Fair.  We thought about checking out the Lemurs again before we left, but the line was really long.  Apparently, it was one of the most popular items of the fair.  I can see why!  It was kinda packed when we went through, but at least the line wasn't too long.  When we headed back, the line was crazy!  We chose to just head out to dinner.

If you get the chance to check out your local fair, go for it!  Who knows what interesting things you might experience!


  1. Looks like fun. I miss these types of fairs. The closes thing we have is the "state fair" at the meadowlands and it just isn't the same. :(

  2. The "State Fair" used to be in Cherry Hill at the race track. I wasn't sure we even had one any more. LOL!