Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sasquatch Trail Run 5k

Saturday hubby and I headed out to the Sasquatch Trail Run 5k to benefit the Farm and Natural Lands Trust of York County.  I saw this race in the June edition of Runner's World as the "Best Sasquatch Race" and with it being in the next town over from mine, I decided we had to run it.  :-)

It was great to get up at a reasonable hour to run a race.  Most local races are kinda boring and we have to go to Baltimore, Philadelphia, Virginia Beach, etc. to find good ones.  To find one so close to home?  Awesome!

The race was held on property that is part of the Farm and Natural Land Preservation Trust, which means it's actually private property.  Thank you to the family that opened their property to the race because it was fun!  We pulled in to park and this is what we saw

Yup, cornstalks.  Not your typical race.  We got there early enough to grab our race packet and put everything in the car.  Then we had to wait.  LOL!  But, it wasn't all boring

York Revolution's DownTown came to cheer us on.  Of course, he kept trying to move the start line back.  Ummmm...no DownTown!  He put it back...thankfully.

Us with DownTown
The race started at 9:00 a.m. and the temperature was actually pretty nice.  There was a nice breeze, which I know they didn't control, but it was still nice.  Rumor had it there were over 300 runners.  Yea!  A chance I won't be last!
At the back of the pack...waiting for the start
Some races start with a starting gun, a siren, or just a simple "Ready, set, go!"  But not here.  Oh no.  We start with a cannon.  Yup, Cannonball Charlie from the York Revolution sent us off.  They said if you couldn't figure out the start, then that's your problem.  LOL!
Cannonball Charlie with his cannon
We were told to go straight, then turn left.  From there, follow the volunteers or signs.  Honestly, they did an awesome job with course management.  There were lots of volunteers and plenty of signs where there wasn't volunteers.  We all could easily have wandered off course without them, so great job on keeping it a 5k!
Signage for the race.  This is what you would see if there weren't volunteers.

An email from the race organizers warned us it would be hilly.  And they were right!  The first two miles were basically uphill.  Fun.  I'm not a huge fan of on-going hills.  So, we walked most of the uphills and ran the flats and downhills.  This could be why we were about 250 out of the 270 people who raced.  Hubby could have finished earlier, but he said he would run it with me no matter how slow I was.  And he did.

 Of course, for a race named for Sasquatch there had better been one!  And there were two!  Earlier we had been warned they may be mating on the course.  Ummm...Thankfully, they were not.  They weren't even close to one another.

In true Sasquatch photo fashion, the photos are blurry...

We were or at least I was happy to see the finish line since I wasn't prepared (my own fault) for the hills.  The whole race was on grass "trails," but the last .1 mile was on concrete to the finish.  The legs weren't prepared for that.  I wanted to stop, but Brian kept running and I didn't want to stop that close to the finish line.

 And then to the post-race party with beer, apples, and bluegrass.  It was a fun post-race party.  Got to try a new type of apple which may just be my new favorite!

It was a lot of fun actually.  Well worth the hilly race!  A nice fellow racer took our photo post-race.

And here are some photos of the farm the race was held on.  Such a pretty venue for a race!

Glad Runner's World featured this race in June's edition.  I hadn't heard of it around here and wouldn't have known about it otherwise.  It was a fabulous race and highly recommend it next year!

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