Monday, September 17, 2012

Grocery shopping

Food has always been my weakness.  I'm not good at eating the way I should.  There are many foods I chose not to eat (steak, ham, chicken, veal, mushrooms).  I have two foods I have severe limits on (funnel cake and Twinkees - one funnel cake a year; 2-3 packages of Twinkees a year). Sadly, I am a carb addict.  LOVE my pasta, pizza, fries, bread, etc. I could live on bread.

I'm trying desperately to get myself back on track and Runner's World recently sent out an email with an article about what to look for at the grocery store - Grocery Run.  I really was hoping that this would be an informative article explaining what to buy and why.  Was I excited when it was!

I have two pages of notes on what to look for in terms of sodium/sugar in foods, what fruit/vegetables are the most nutritious, and examples of specific products that meet their criteria.  I was thrilled!  I doubt my grocery store has many of the brands Runner's World recommends because as much as our grocery store doubled in size in the last two years, the brands of food offered didn't seem to.  Ugh.  But since they say what to look for in terms of sugar/sodium/etc., I can (hopefully) find my own.

Check out the article.  I think it might help you if you're like me wondering what are the best options at the grocery store.  And if you don't use all their suggestions, it might just help clear up some questions you had.

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