Monday, October 8, 2012

New sneakers

I chatted with my running coach the other day, freaking out about my shin splints. One of her first questions was when did you get your shoes? March. Get new shoes.

So, Tuesday I hit Flying Feet to chat about shoes. I explained my issue and the gentleman looked at my Brooks Adrenalized to see what they looked like. Turns out I have a somewhat hard heel strike and the shoes I have were not exactly the best for my stride. I had a bit of a pronation, but my shoes were the next step up from flat feet, which means the shoes might have been pushing my feet to pronate even more.

The gentleman at the store brought out new shoes (none of which were Brooks) - 2 pairs of Asics, one Mizuno, and one Saucony. The first pair of Asics hurt my heel, the padding there was too tight. Next. The Mizunos felt nice, but they had a tiny bit of heel issue like the Asics did. Next. The second pair of Asics felt good. The were comfortable and there was no heel squishiness (that is a technical term). I liked these. I tried on the Sauconys and realized I liked the Asics best. The nice thing about them is they are last year's model, so discount!  My last Brooks were $120. These Asics were $85. Yea!

Yea new shoes!

 Two shoes. I like contrast between the shoe and the details
 Side view. Looks fast.

 Bottom. Look how pretty.

 I have no idea what any of that means.

 From the top. Nice neon on the inside.

 Apparently Lizzie needed to make sure they won't attack my feet.

I like 'em.

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