Sunday, October 14, 2012

The next day

Woke up this morning with some lovely hip pain and upper back pain. Not surprised. Haven't trained well for this race. The upper back pain is odd, but I'll survive. Honestly, I'm glad I'm feeling it for a couple reasons.

1. Because I know to expect it next week. I'd rather know that I will be sore after the race and the next day now so I know there (probably) isn't anything wrong later.

2. As a reminder that I haven't trained well and that I need to do a better job for the Shamrock Half in March 2013. I know I can do better. I have done better.

3. That I do not like running in summer and because of that no amount of excitement over a race will make me go out and run. I must remember that next year when signing up for races. Late November or December will be fine. September/October are not good long race months for me.

Live and learn.

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