Monday, November 5, 2012


In January of 2008 I started grad school. In December 2007 I bought a laptop so I could work on my homework without interfering with hubby using the internet. For the past almost four years I've been working on a tray table set up in front of the sofa. It's kinda funny really.

A few years ago we purchased a new computer desk for hubby. He had been using the one I received as a gift in 1999 and it had definitely seen better days. It took until this past summer to get his desk changed...when we moved him upstairs and he started using his old computer desk from college.

Since we didn't use the new desk in his new office I inherited it. And this weekend hubby spent almost 7 hours putting it together so I have a place to play/work. Yea!

Cell phone photo, sorry for the odd look to it
I'm all excited now! I am working on a writing project and this space and ability to have the computer on a flat surface while being able to take notes is awesome! It's been so long since I could do that at home.  Now I have to find accessories. Such a girl...

Oh! And I figured out how to display my finisher's medals. I'll leave that for another post, but I'm excited to put them in a space where I'll be working. Hopefully they will help me mentally keep going. If I can physically run 13.1 miles, I can do this writing project!

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