Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What to do with those medals

For the longest time I had been placing my running finisher medals on the fireplace. I didn't know where else to put them and I wanted to see them. A got hubby a hanger for his that says "Earn Your Donuts," but I had nothing.

When we got the desk finished this weekend I figured out what to do with those medals. I am going to hang them! So, I went to Target today and got these:

 I decided I could use those to hang my medals over my desk. I will be honest. I like the idea of hangers with a quote on them, but I never found one I liked. I couldn't decide if I wanted a metal one or a wood one. I couldn't decide on a quote. And then I kept thinking they only allow for x number of medals. With the above item, I could put as many medals as I want up.

So, I read all the instructions on the back of the package and hung them up above my desk.

I staggered them so each of the medals themselves would be seen.

 Perspective with the desk

Right over the desk

Hello beautiful medals

 Ignore the Christmas tree.

 Doesn't that look cool???

So, what do you think? I have plenty of room to add more. Hubby thinks I need one of those "Hang on Baby" kitty posters over the desk. I think he's weird. LOL! I debate whether I want to hang a race photo or not. We shall see. It is an area in progress. It's only been mine since Sunday. It's coming together nicely I think.

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