Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Yea...I hadn't thought I'd do this

I got an email today from Island Photography saying they need to make room for this year's Philadelphia Marathon pics. Philly was not my crowing glory. I ended this race in pain. My stomach wasn't happy with me and I had back pain at about mile 11. I didn't come out of it in the best frame of mind and when I got the initial email about photos I didn't do more than look at them. I didn't even think about buying them.

But, today I caved. I bought them. It's like they know you're going to buy them. They know you want to have them. They know no matter how awful you think you look, you still want evidence you ran. Argh...

Here are a couple. I might as well get some use out of them...

 Along Kelly Drive, between miles 11-12

Finally crossing the finish line. It couldn't come fast enough.
Obligatory post-race medal photo. I felt so sick here. I really thought I would pass out.
 What about you? Have you bought race pics after swearing you wouldn't?

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