Tuesday, December 11, 2012

49 seconds

I have an old Garmin Forerunner 201. It has some neat features, but honestly I rarely use them. I use the time, speed and distance on mine every single time. It's really all I need to while running. I have it set to beep at half mile intervals so I can walk for a minute. That's as spiffy as I get with it.

Then today I decided to try this:

I decided to run with the training assistant. I've never done that before. I've always just gone out and run. So, you set the distance you want, which today was 5 miles then all the rest of the info

 You will notice the above are not my goals. Mine looked like this:

DISTANCE: 5 miles
TIME: 1:05:00
PACE: 13:00

Maybe I should have started off at a shorter distance with the training assistant...I headed out and knew all I needed were 13:00 minute miles. Lately, I've been able to swing a good 12:15-12:30 first mile, then slow up each mile, I was trying to stay consistent. That didn't quite work. I got too caught up in being ahead of pace. I ran my first mile in 11:58. Yea. Not good.

Throughout my run I was anywhere from 300-400 steps ahead of pace until mile 3, then I started to slow up. The number of steps I was ahead slowly diminished until at mile 4, I was behind the pace. :-( I knew it was coming. I knew I couldn't keep up the pace I'd been running. It was only a matter of time.

I had .13 miles to go and I was -:44 seconds behind pace. I was so close to being done that I actually tried running harder that last .13 miles...uphill. I set a new goal, finish under 1:06:00. I figured while I wouldn't finish at 1:05:00, I could still finish within the 1:05:00 minute.

And I did. I finished 49 seconds above goal at 1:05:49. I will say, as much as I was disappointed with that :49 second slack this 5 miles is the fasted I've run 5 miles since the spring. When I've been running lately, I've been allowing myself to just run, irregardless of the pace. With the training assistant it gave me a bit of a push to run faster than I had. I missed my goal for today, but I think if I keep working with the training assistant, I will be able to set new, faster goals....and meet them!

Oh! And today's run allowed me to complete my Get Up and Run December run! Yea!


  1. Never used that feature, but it sounds like fun!! Good job for pushing yourself!!!

  2. Me either! Hubby has a couple times, but I never tried it. I have a goal of 5 miles under an hour, so I think this might be just the ticket to keep me on pace the whole time. I have a tendency of slowing down over the miles...as my lack of hitting my goal today shows. :) It's ok. Gotta start somewhere, right?