Thursday, December 13, 2012

A fun few answers

I was going through my blogs (which are tending to be running related recently) and Christine of Dream BIG Runner posted a few questions reviewing her running in 2012. I thought it would be fun to answer the same.

Best Race Experience:

This is going to sound like an oxymoron, but I would have to say the Spartan Race in July. Yea. I know. I felt like I was going to die on that race. It took me over 5 hours to finish. But, here's why I say it was my best race experience. For the first time in my running career (really, is it a career?) I got to run a race with hubby. He promised to run the whole thing with me. I knew I would be holding him back, but he said he wouldn't leave me. And we ran all 5 hours together. He encouraged me and didn't make me feel like I was the worst.runner.ever. It was an amazing feeling having someone beside me the whole time.

The other reason I say it was my best race experience is because it showed me that I am better than I thought. I did 150 burpees, but you know? That means I missed 5 obstacles, but I did all the rest. I managed to climb all the walls (well, alright not the traverse wall), but all the walls that you had to go up and over. I had no illusions I would get over those. I knew I would be doing burpees after them and yet, I got over them. I had help from hubby and other racers, but I got over them. I completed the Spartan Race up a mountain and organized as a mini Beast. Me. The person who can't run a 10 minute mile. I did it. It really is my best race experience for what it taught me about myself.

Best Run:

I have a feeling a race isn't necessarily what this means, but I will be honest this run is the best run I had all year. I had a goal for the Shamrock Half Marathon of running it between 3:05:00 and 3:10:00. Nothing too crazy, between a 5 and 10 minute faster pace than Philly in November. On the run, I realized I was going to smash my goal. I can't even tell you what a good mood I was in during the last few miles of this race. Miles 10-13.1 were amazing. I've never felt so happy and excited to run those miles as I did in this race. I crossed the finish line feeling like I could run another several miles. I was in such a great mood. I came across the finish line at 2:51:15. Yes, I completed this race over 25 minutes faster than Philly in November. I crushed my goal for the race by 14-19 minutes. Insane. I still think about this race as the best I have ever run. Oh and did I mention I ran the 8k the day before? And during that realized about halfway through I needed to slow down because I was running faster than I thought and didn't want to mess up my half the next day? It was a fantastic run.

Best New Piece of Gear:

Ummm...Honestly, I have no idea on this one. I didn't get new piece of gear that transformed my running this year. I got a few new pieces of running clothes, but no piece of gear that I feel did much for my running. I suppose I'll go with my new sneakers. I had to trade in my Brooks Adrenalized in September due to shin splints and moved onto Asics. So far, so good. Used the for a few training runs, then AC Half Marathon, and now onto Shamrock Half Marathon training. I will probably get a new pair before Shamrock in March, but for now the new gear I got this year are these Asics.

Best piece of running advice you received:

Most Inspirational Runner:

My friend Kim. In 2011 she had to undergo basically emergency hip surgery in September. Then wait months to get the go ahead to exercise again. Small steps in her recovery had her on a bike and doing strength training workouts. Eventually, she was cleared to start running this spring. And then she kicked ass! She worked her way up from 5ks to 10ks to ultimately half marathons, winning age group medals along the way. She didn't let her injury stop her from doing what she loves. She spent hours/weeks/months healing her body so she could go on. She didn't let her injury stop her and she didn't let those who said "Why would you run again after it broke your hip?" influence her. She kept going and realized she had to live her life by her loves. She is incredible and I admire her dedication to her passion. She is the best role model for running I know.

If you could sum up this year in a couple of words, what would they be: Break throughs and reconsidering life

How about you? What would you say? How was your year?


  1. You had an amazing year!!!!! Love the fact you run a race with your husband. What a great experience and memory!!

  2. Thanks. :) It was a pretty good year. I have areas I have to work on, but looking at these pics and remembering how good I felt makes me want to get my butt back on track. :)