Saturday, December 22, 2012

Alright, it wasn't that bad out there, but it was definitely colder and snowier than I anticipated. I checked weather this morning and it said 36 with a wind chill of 23, plus flurries. Well, I could see the flurries out the front door. I'm ok with flurries. I'm good with cold. And I'm good with wind chill.

This run just did not go well. Honestly, it had nothing to do with the weather. I wish I could blame it on the weather. Sadly, it all comes down to me. I haven't worked out all week, minus the trainer session on Monday. I've eaten like crap. Then I thought I could go out there and run 6 miles. get the idea. Instead of 6, I ran 3 (slower than last week's 5k on a super hilly course).

So, this is an obvious wake-up call. I need to get back to going to the gym, getting my 30 minute weekday runs in, eating healthier, getting more protein, ingesting less sugar. Yea. That's the way I've been rolling lately....doing NONE of the above. *Insert eye roll here*

It's not going to be easy over the next two weeks - Christmas Eve, Christmas, 11 year wedding anniversary, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day. But, I don't have to be perfect. I just need to be better than I've been the past 6 months. Then come 2013 get back to what worked. I know what to do. If I want to finish the Shamrock Half Marathon I need to start doing them.

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