Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What was I thinking???

I apparently was not thinking when I didn't put in for the day after Christmas at work. Totally forgetting we were going to my family for NJ. Ugh.

How 'about you? Did you get off? Are you hitting the stores for after Christmas sales? Going to the gym? I forgot to pack the gym bag, so no gym for me. I think I will take time tonight to work out my healthy living plan for 2013 though.

Oh, and what makes this worse?  I was here last December 26...


  1. I had to work yesterday and today, but luckily I'm off on Monday and Tuesday and really looking forward to 4 days off! Happy NEw Year!!!

  2. I work PT to begin with, so I worked Wednesday and half day Thursday (like usual). Because of weird union rules, I had to take off due to the Christmas and New Year's holidays, so I took today. So, I don't go back til the 2nd. :) It's not bad when holidays fall on days I don't work, but when they fall on days when I do, I then have to use vacay time or make up half a day. Dumb.