Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve

Happy New Years Eve! It is insane to think we are at the end of the year and tomorrow starts a brand-new, fresh start.

Today I am going to throw up a few things I am thankful to 2012 for. Over the next few days I'll be talking about my goals/resolutions for 2013.


The year started off with hubby and I enjoying the shores of Negril, Jamaica. We celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary going back to the island we honeymooned at. A new resort and a new town, but a fantastic time.

Hubby and I joined the local YMCA because I felt I needed more opportunities to workout. I had been doing Wii Fit and running, but I needed more. And after joining the Y, I started trainer sessions. I've kept them up almost all year, had to take a break in July because I signed up for a few too many races in June/July and ran out of money. LOL!


I interviewed at the PA State Archives for a permanent position, rather than the temporary one I had. While the new position would be part-time, I knew I needed to get in there permanently if I wanted a get a career in the archives field.

The end of the month had hubby and I celebrating our 16th dating anniversary. Crazy! We went to the same restaurant we had our first date. It's a tradition we've been able to keep up now that we've moved back to PA. 


Wow. March was busy! We had three races - Kelly St. Patrick's Day 5k in Baltimore, Shamrock 8k and Shamrock Half Marathon in Virginia Beach. We love the Kelly St. Patrick's Day 5k because not only is it a fun race, but our friend Ada runs it too! We hang out with her and her friends afterwards in Baltimore. Such a fun time!

The following week, hubby and I went to Virginia Beach to run the Shamrock 8k and I ran the Shamrock Half Marathon. Hubby became injured in January and had to defer running the Shamrock Marathon, but he had been able to get back to running and trained for the 8k. We ran these races and had a really good time.

The next day was the Half Marathon. I headed off (without a camera) and had an amazing race! I PRed and knew it at about mile 10. I was laughing and jumping out of my skin knowing I PRed this race. I felt invincible at the end of this race and I even danced at the after party!

Later in the month, we hosted a Caribbean party and a number of our friends made it out. We had a fantastic time! It's so good when friends you don't see often get together. We've already decided we're hosting a party next year, but with a new theme.


Again, another busy month! The second weekend of the month took us to Baltimore and Philadelphia for opening day baseball! We are both baseball fans, but cheer for different teams. Friday, April 6 brought us to Baltimore. Then Sunday, April 9 brought us to Philadelphia.

I ran my first 10k in April. LOL! Yea...yea. A little late, but whatever. We ran the inauguaral Hershey 10k. Not a bad race. A bit hilly, but fun.

Then the following week we ran the Sole of the City 10k in Baltimore. Honestly, this was to be my first 10k, but I couldn't pass up the Hershey 10k. Obviously I PRed in Hershey, but I beat that in Baltimore by one second! LOL!


The York Revolution had their opening game on May 1 and with our partial season ticket plan, we had tickets. Go Revs!

We had a fun couple of days in Atlantic City, NJ. We stayed at Resorts for the first time and had a fun couple of days. Getting away is always fantastic!

We ran the YMCA Armed Forces 5k in Harrisburg for the first time. It was a nice race, but the same basic course of all 5ks in the 'burg. I ran in honor of my dad who served in the Army and Coast Guard.

 We hit up a couple more baseball games in Baltimore and Philly. Yea baseball!

June took us to Philly to see the Brothers of the Sun tour with Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney. Awesome show! So fun that I didn't have a voice for four days. :)

 At the end of June, I ran Baltimore Women's Classic. This is the first 5k I ever ran and each year, I try to run this race. It's a good race and I enjoy running it.


I got the chance to meet an artist I'm a big fan of - Cowboy Troy!

Two words - Spartan Race. Ugh.


Our only big thing in August was LAS VEGAS! Yup. Vacation took us to Sin City with two of our friends. It was a lot of fun, if hot. LOL! It's always a fun place to go when you're not there for any other reason. We had a blast! Totally worth going if you've never been.


My first race since Baltimore Women's Classic. Hubby and I ran the Sasquatch Trail Run 5k. Fun! It was really hilly and it took forever to finish, but it was fun. Totally recommend it to anyone. What other race has a band playing Deliverance?

We hit up the York Fair for the best fair food ever, pumpkin funnel cake! I have one funnel cake a year and this is it.


The big thing for October was the Atlantic City Half Marathon. I was all excited for it because I'm a Jersey Girl and I love AC. Until mile eight I really enjoyed the race. Then we hit the boardwalk and eh. Too crazy. It was a race that I was thrilled to see the finish line...even if I did miss my goal time. I was just happy to finish. And some races are just like that.


Another race! This time close to home. Yea! Two of our running friends came out so one could run the half marathon. I figured what the heck and signed up for the 5k. After all, they were giving out medals!

Before Thanksgiving our friend from college came home from TX for the holiday. We headed to Philly and had a fantastic time! Fun friends, festive beverages, and 80s cover band. What could be better?


For the first time in a few years we checked out the Christmas lights at Rocky Ridge Park. The line to get in was awful, but we had a good time walking through the lights. How can you not when there are Christmas dinosaurs?

Time for Christmas! We had a lovely holiday on both Christmas Eve and Christmas day. And we had snow!

 December brings our wedding anniversary. This year we headed to Philly and stayed across the street from Independence Hall. We checked out the Titanic exhibit, had dinner at XIX, had drinks with a college friend, then the next day we saw the Prohibition exhibit. Amazing!

Phew! What a year! I noticed a pattern of more activity in the spring than the fall. Hmmm...something to resolve to fix next year. ;-)

Hope you have a fantastic New Year's Eve! Be safe and we'll chat next year!

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  1. Wow!! Joyous to see this awesome New Year eve’s celebrations. Last new year I threw a grand party at one of Chicago event venues and all the arrangements were done by my best friend. She did everything amazing for the day and thus everyone loved it.