Sunday, December 9, 2012


Ugh. I gained a pound this week. I'm not real thrilled about this. I know I didn't eat 100% perfect and I missed a workout, but... I'm still mad. Not at anyone but myself. I know what I did. I know why this happened. I got a little too cocky.

See last week I kinda half-assed my workouts and food. I wasn't on point each day, but close enough. And last week I lost about 3-4 pounds. Rather than building on that and continuing on with tweaking the diet to go healthier, I let myself slack. I ate a bit more than I did last week. I skipped the gym Wednesday. I ate poorly two weeknights rather than one. I know I can get away with one night with a bad dinner, but not two. And that's what I did.

So, this week I'm going to work on getting past my malaise. I need to get back in the groove with food and exercise. I have to follow through on what I say I'm going to do. I need to follow my calorie allotment for the day and I need to do my workouts. One week isn't forever, but it sure can lead to more.

Next week I want to be down 2 pounds. I know how to do it. Cut out 3,500 calories via food and 3,500 calories via exercise. I can do it. I just have to buckle down.

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