Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2012 Daily Mile Report

Daily Mile sent me an email with a link to my totals for 2012 (based on what I posted on their website). This made me curious, so I clicked on the link and wow. Kinda interesting.

It's funny. I completely see the higher mileages in the early part of the year and despite my training for the Atlantic City Half Marathon in the fall, I understand the low mileages in the latter part. I was training for the Shamrock Half Marathon in the early part of the year and was on a huge momentum swing. I joined the YMCA and went four nights a week. I was running on Saturday mornings. I was in the zone!

The next few months I had me running quite a few races, so I kept up the training and of course the races themselves. After Shamrock, I ran Hershey 10k, Sole of the City 10k, and Armed Forces 5k. It kept me off the streets...well, not really but it kept me out of trouble.

Then the heat hit. And I'm an awful runner in the summer. See those 6 miles in June? Yea, 3.1 of them were from the Baltimore Women's Classic 5k. LOL! July was a biggie due to the Spartan Race and the start of AC Half Marathon training. I was gung-ho.

Wish I had stayed that way. You can see how awful I was in August, September and October. Now I'll be the first to tell you, I didn't record all my runs during those months because I had a 10 miler alone in September, then a trail run 5k the following weekend. So, I know it's not 100% accurate (not Daily Mile's fault obviously).

And since the AC Half? LOL! Yea. It's been a bit downhill. That's when motivational issues really reared their ugly head and I just didn't have it in me to run.

I'm hoping the new year will help get past this funk. Though, the scraped knees aren't helping. Can't really run when I can't move my knee too high. I have high hopes for a run on Saturday. Fingers crossed!

Do you have a year-end report? Are you happy with how last year ended in terms of miles?


  1. Same happen to me after the AC half. I was injured with achilles tendonitits and didn't run until December 1. It was a good break though, mentally and physically. Sometimes you just need that.

  2. Yea. Having a bard time getting back to it though. LOL!