Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fighting like crazy

For about a week, my body has been fighting something. I don't know if I'm fighting the flu, a cold, bronchitis, or what. Hubby was sick a few weeks ago. Down for the count sick. I didn't get sick when he was. My body seemed to fight it off.

This past week, the body has been trying to kill off some sort of illness. I've been coughing, which is a sure fire sign for me that I'm getting sick. I've been a bit more tired than usual, so I'm thinking that's the body attacking some virus and wearing out the poor body in the process. Last night I had a headache.

I'm fighting whatever this is. I have no desire to get sick. The last time I was really sick was Oct. 2011. I was down for two weeks and on four different meds. It was not fun at all. I'm hoping that the body has some antibodies that will kill off whatever is trying to take over. I've got a half marathon to train for.

What do you do when you're getting sick? Have any tried and true methods to stay well?


  1. I drink a cup of black and green tea mixed every morning. Both kids and the hubby have been sick this year, but not me (I probably just jinxed myself! DOH!). I also NEVER get the flu shot due to adverse reactions. I personally believe that makes many people sick. I mean, they are injecting you with a virus.

  2. I don't get the flu shot either (scared of needles). I think I need to get Airbourne for my tea. B wanted to dose me with Nyquil last night. I was afraid I wouldn't wake up this morning. LOL!