Saturday, January 26, 2013

Half sick didn't help

I plugged in half sick into Google images and this came up. No idea...

For the last several days I felt like I was getting sick. My normal indication of impending illness includes coughing and a sore throat. From there, anything goes. All week I have been coughing. Nothing too crazy, no deep chest cough, but coughing enough for me to think, yup, I'm getting sick.

Wednesday I went to the gym even though I felt I was on the cusp of being ill. I thought, well if I do get worse at least I went to the gym when I could. Thursday, I had a headache all afternoon and was just tired. I skipped the gym and had a comfort dinner of what was supposed to be pancakes, but ended up being eggs, potatoes, bacon, and an apple-cinnamon muffin.

Friday it snowed around these parts. Nothing crazy, but it took me an hour and a half to get home and the roads were awful. I made a turn on a side road that had me do a 180. Yea. That wasn't scary at all. So, no gym for me Friday night. Today, I had a feeling the sidewalks weren't going to be cleared for a 4 mile run, so I postponed it til Sunday.

Apparently, the half sick feeling I've had has been the body fighting off whatever has been trying to invade. I was exhausted Thursday and Friday, but I felt no worse than I've been. I think whatever the body was dealing with has been vanquished (knock on wood) because I feel pretty good today. I'm still coughing a little bit, but nothing like I had been during the week.

So, I feel a bit embarrassed for skipping the gym Thursday and Friday, but on the other hand I'm feeling better today than I have all week. So, I'm going to remind myself that both nights I slept much longer than I normally do and the extra sleep gave my white blood cells the necessary energy to fight off whatever evil illness it has been battling. I'll do something today to burn some calories and go out tomorrow for my 4 mile run.

Have you been battling illness this winter? Are you feeling better?


  1. Knock on wood I haven't been sick this winter. I hope you are feeling better by now!

  2. Thanks! So far I've just been coughing. It's not a good cough, but it hasn't gotten worse than that. Knock on wood!