Sunday, January 27, 2013

4 mile run

I had a four mile run scheduled for Saturday. It snowed a bit Friday night, so I decided to push it off until Sunday thinking an extra day for people to clean sidewalks and the sun to melt some of the snow would make for a better run.

I got out there this afternoon and it was actually warm! It was over the freezing mark. Shocker! Hubby and I were going to run together. It did not go well. I saw him match my gait and it was a horrible sight. I did not like seeing my speed. Not even half a mile in, I sent him on. There was no way I could watch him run my pace and not feel like the biggest poser.

Here is where the run kinda went off the course. Here are all the things that messed with my head today:

1. The running between areas of clean sidewalk and running on snow/ice. Yea. That was fun.

2. My left ankle hurt almost the whole run. I stopped multiple times to stretch it out.

3. Garmin lost satellites at one point and got off by .12 of a mile. Ugh.

4. I borrowed hubby's Garmin because I didn't realize mine wasn't charged. I also forgot that he did not have the same intervals I have on my Garmin and didn't have my half mile walk breaks.

5. Two separate dogs came up to me on my run because their owners didn't have them on a leash. I normally don't care, but for one of the dogs this was the second time this happened and he scratched my leg.

6. I got back to my car at 3 miles with one left to go and had no desire to do one more. I talked myself into it. I then had to talk myself into finishing that one mile two more times. I really wanted to turn around and just be done.

Multiple times on this run I had to tell myself my issue was mental. My legs didn't hurt. My breathing was ok. I just wasn't with it mentally. I kept coming up with excuses to stop running today. All of the reasons I came up with seemed reasonable to me. But, I didn't cave to them. I kept running, even if it was slow. I wanted to do 4 miles in 55:00 and I came close. I probably did actually run it in under 55 minutes with all the cars I had to stop for and the two dog incidents.

So, one more long run completed for Anthem Shamrock Half Marathon. Next Saturday is 10 miles. I hope whatever messed with my head today is gone by then. I need to get my times faster and need to get more confident in my runs.

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