Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 2013 Goals Round-Up

Last day of January 2013. This is weird. It seems weird that February starts tomorrow. I don't usually say, "this year is going by so fast" this early, but yea. It's going by at hyper speed!

So, as you know I set up more attribute goals than I did specific goals. But, that's not to say I didn't do my own specific goals list. Here's what I wanted to do and whether or not I met it.

This month I'd at least like to:
* Loose 4 pounds
* Exercise every day

But I'm really hoping to:
* Loose 5 pounds
* Exercise 30 minutes every day
* Find group class to take

And I'd be thrilled if:
* Loose 6 pounds
* Start normal spin class

Monthly Mileage: 34

Of the above, did I meet any of those goals? Uhhhh...I met one of them. I lost 4.6 pounds this month. Way less than I hoped honestly. I really thought I would do better this month. I thought I would have met at least 5 pounds and honestly figured 6 pounds would be a give-in.  Guess not...

After that, I didn't do a single one of those. I exercised 27 out of 31 days. I missed Jan 13 (no idea why), 22 (spent all day researching and lost track of time), 24 (thought I was getting sick/had a headache), and 25 (snow). I had hoped to exercise 31 out of 31, but apparently that didn't happen. And since I didn't workout 31 out of 31, I didn't exercise for 30 minutes each. I did do 30 minutes of exercise when I did work out. That's something, right?

I also didn't find a group class to take or start a normal spin class. I fell on Jan. 4, which meant I didn't feel comfortable taking the beginner spin class. Aaaaaand there's only one a month. I could have tried jumping into a class without the beginner class, but I didn't feel comfortable. I also meant to try a Pi-Yo class, but they changed the times on it and I  have yet to make the adjustment.

The only one that I can say I did do is the Monthly Mileage, but not in the way I anticipated. I wrote out 34 miles for the month thinking they would be running miles. Uhhh...I reached 34 miles, but not by running. Here are my mileages for the month:

Running: 22.36
Walking: 16.68
Cycling: 104.07

I completed the Get Out & Run Challenge on Jan. 20, running 9 miles in 2:09:45. Not my goal time, but I did the miles. It was my first 13 in 2013 race (I asked, people said it counted). I signed up for the Kelly St. Patrick's Day 5k and Light Lager Jogger 5k. I also got some Tribesports Challenges crossed off the list:

Book Worms Read On! Read 4 Books a Month
Shadow Boxing (50 upper cuts, 50 jabs, 50 hooks)
15 Gym Sessions in 30 Days (this one I've had since July 2012! Finally did it!)

So there you have it. January in review. Not the worst month, but it could have gone better. Move over January, February is coming full-speed ahead!


  1. You got a rough start with being sick. I'm sure you will do better in February!!

  2. Thanks! I hope so! Got the beginner spin and piyo classes on my Feb. calendar. Hopefully I get to both and decide if I want to keep it up.