Sunday, January 6, 2013

One day at a time

Quick update on the knee. Yesterday was awful. Stairs were crazy tough. Sitting wasn't pleasant. We visited friends and had a two hour drive there and two hour drive back. The jeans did not go well with the scrape on my knee. I spent most of the ride home holding my pants away from my knee. Came home and took some Advil. Never once in all my years have I ever taken a pain reliever for a scrape/cut. Who knew?

Woke up this morning and I feel better. Not 100%, but much better than yesterday. There's still stiffness and a  bit or soreness in the knee, but it is way easier to walk today. I'm not in as much pain trying to get up from a seated position. Phew!

So, while I'm not back to normal, I'm getting there! I'll go for a walk or use my little stationary bike again today for my 30 minute 100 Day Challenge. I'm going to my best to keep up with it. Friday is a little iffy, but I'm counting it!

I did kinda miss doing my 7 mile run yesterday...

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