Saturday, January 5, 2013

New physical challenge

Do you remember Double Dare where you could chose the Physical Challenge? LOL!  Sorry, that's what this made me think of.

Anyway...I am now temporarily physically challenged. As I walked into work on Friday, I tripped on the sidewalk and took a fall. Yup. Very graceful and not at all embarrassing. I nailed both knees on concrete, which was not pleasant. When I got to work (which thankfully was only a block away) my right knee survived the impact ok. I have a small scrape, but under the knee. The bigger problem is the left knee. I nailed that one pretty good, along the right side of the knee cap and all across just underneath the knee. I was happy that it really is just scraped and there was no blood.

The issue is it is really hard to move my left knee without pain. I ended up on my feet all day Friday at work. Usually my work is physical, but for some reason Friday was an all-day on my feet kinda day. Which made the knee really swollen. It has not been fun walking since yesterday and sleeping last night wasn't easy.

Sadly, I missed the "intentionally" moving part of the 100 Day Challenge. I did move a great deal at work, more than usual actually. So, I'm torn over whether I missed day 4 or not. I'm leaning towards no due to the busyness of my day. Today, I got up and did my little stationary bike at home for 40 minutes. It was supposed to be a 7 mile run, but I knew my knee could not handle that. I'm not dumb enough to do something I know I can't do. I will work on that 7 mile run later this week. Hopefully the knee will heal quickly. I also texted my trainer that I wanted upper body on Monday. I sure as heck can't do squats, lunges, ect.

What a great way to start out 2013, huh?

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