Friday, January 4, 2013

First challenge of 100 Day Challenge

Alright. The 100 Day Challenge is going well. I've worked out three days in a row. I ran on Tuesday, then hit the gym Wednesday and Thursday. Now it is Friday. Normally a day off for me. I have to figure out a 30 minute workout of some sort. Do I go to the gym after work? Do I use my little stationary-type bike at home? Do I go for a walk?

This is going to be a toughie for me. What do you do for exercise on Fridays? Do you work out or do you take it easy since it's the start of the weekend?


  1. Fridays are tough for me. I have a long commute and just be plain tired and never work out that day.

    Maybe a good way to work out on friday would be a yoga video? You can find them on you tube for free.

  2. I've thought about yoga, but totally forgot I could check out the internet or OnDemand. I have a herniated disc and sometimes I can't do yoga moves because of it. I hate not doing something in a class of people because I feel like people will think I can't do it because of my weight rather than because of my back. Good idea!