Thursday, January 3, 2013

13 in 2013

I've mentioned a few times I'm participating in the 13 in 2013 challenge. This challenge pushes you to get out and run in 13 races in 2013, whether virtual or organized. I've got some of my races set up so far and thought I would share. I'll be adding to this list (obviously). Maybe I'll see you out there!

Get Out & Run January (1/19) - Manchester, PA ~ Registered
Kelly St. Patrick's Day 5k (3/10) - Baltimore, MD
Shamrock 8k (3/16) - Virginia Beach, VA ~ Registered
Shamrock Half Marathon (3/17) - Virginia Beach, VA ~ Registered
Movie Madness 5k (4/6) - Manchester, PA
Lager Jogger 5k (4/13) - Pottstown, PA
Sole of the City 10k (4/20) - Baltimore, MD
Baltimore Women's Classic 5k (6/23) - Baltimore, MD ~ Registered
Celtic Solstice 5 Miler (12/-) - Baltimore, MD (the date is set, I just can't find it)

I want to run the Armed Forces 5k in May, but the day isn't up yet. I'm debating a second half marathon in May or June. I'm not a big run in June person and I'm not sure if running 13.1 miles in Philly in June is a good idea. We shall see on that one. Most race calendars do not have anything really up past June, so my fall races schedule is a bit sparse.

Have you started your race schedule for the year? What is on your list? Will I see you at any of mine?


  1. Thanks! :) I have a feeling I'll get all or almost all races in the spring, then be a lay-about in the fall! LOL!

  2. I will be at the Baltimore Womens Classic & the Sole of the City also!! I am registered for both already!!

  3. Nice Patti! I'm registered for BWC, but haven't gotten on Sole of the City yet. Didn't realize it had opened. Thanks!

  4. Great list!! My race calendar is up on my blog. Looking forward to meeting you at the Shamrock half!!

  5. Yea! That will be awesome! Are you doing the 8k too?