Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Some specifics

Well, here is me writing down some specific goals to go with my resolutions from yesterday. These are the things that each year I try to accomplish and one new one. What specifics do you have in mind for 2013?

Eat healthy
Lose weight to reach my goal weight of 140
Train to run a sub-
     2:50:00 half marathon
     60:00 8k/5 mile
     35:00 5k
Use my camera more
Write a book (1918 Influenza Epidemic)

To this end, I've decided to take on a few physical challenges (anyone else remember Double Dare?). These won't be the only ones, but this is where I am now. Hopefully throughout the year new ones will present themselves.
Dolphin Challenge at Virginia Beach: 8k and half marathon
100 Day Challenge presented by John Bingham


  1. I'm doing the 13 half marathons in 2013 challenge!! Wow, you are writing a book, that is awesome!!

    Thanks for your email! Soo helpful! I will respond soon, have many questions :)

  2. Oh my good heavens! 13 halves this year???? I bow down to you! I talked about this yesterday to hubby and I'm impressed by anyone who can do more half marathons than there are months in a year. LOL! Go you!!

    You're welcome for the email. :) Happy to help and anything I can help with, feel free to ask. Going to live vicariously through you. Your resort looks AMAZING!!