Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January 1, 2013

I checked the mail today (yes, I know there is no mail today, but I hadn't picked it up from the last several days) and in the mail was my December Get Out & Run medal! Woohoo! Very happy. I was hoping it would come so I could have it to wear before my January 1 run!

Kind of an awful pic, but eh. I got that beauteous medal today. That makes up for it. :-) Then, before heading out, I made hubby get a pic with me for posterity. LOL!

Temps for today's run were 37 degrees with wind chill making it feel 32. Not bad. I'll be honest, for the first 1.5 miles I really wished I had worn gloves! LOL! I was aiming for a 30 minute run, but ended up with 31:14 because I was about a tenth of a mile away from my car and just ran to it rather than walk. :) So for the first day of 2013, I ran 2.36 in 31:14. Not a bad start to the year!

And it gets me off on the right foot for the 100 Day Challenge!

What is this? 30 minutes of intentional activity a day for 100 days. This will be a stretch for me since I usually take a day or two off a week. 100 days of some form of activity. Yup. Challenge. Feel free to jump in if you think it will help you!

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