Saturday, February 2, 2013


I love animals. I have three kitties, two brothers I adopted in 1998 and one little girl kitty we adopted from the local SPCA in 2006. They have me wrapped around their little paws and I just love them to pieces.

One of my kitty friends has had a rough life, even thought he is the sweetest, lovingest, softest, cutest kitty ever. He spent years with bladder infections that we finally learned were bladder stones. Once that was discovered, he underwent surgery to remove them. He recovered well, only to be diagnosed with diabetes. For a little over two years he received insulin shots, which he had no problem taking. I've never seen anyone let alone an animal react so well to needles. He would just sit on the counter and purr while we got his needle ready. He went in remission and he stopped with the needles. Yea! Sadly, a few years later he ended up with a hyperthyroid and is now on meds for it.

Friday my poor Pooka suffered what I think is the worst indignity yet. Sometime Friday morning he lost the ability to use his back legs. We're not sure what happened, but he is unable to walk on his back legs at all. Hubby took him to the doctor where they did an xray and nothing is broken. He also doesn't have a blood clot (which would have been really bad. They think my poor little friend either pinched a nerve or a piece of his vertebra may have broken off.

Right now he looks like this

We have him in a large bin with blankets and a litter box. He keeps trying to escape, but he just can't use his back legs to jump out of the bin. :-( He seems a bit more himself today. He's on a pain med and a steroid, on top of his hyperthyroid med. But, he's purring and he looks more like himself than he did yesterday.

If you could, say a little prayer for my Pooka or send positive vibes his way. He's a great kitty and (we think) is showing signs of improvement.

Promise to get back to the normal routine soon!


  1. awwww, I hope your cat is feeling better very soon! I have a dog and it always hurts to see them suffer.

  2. Thank you! He's acting a bit more like himself, but his one leg is still not moving at all. Hoping the pregnesone he's on will take some inflammation down and his leg will start working again.